The first in Greece with 2 certificates of authenticity, treat the esophagus BARRETT.
The new radio system BARRETT HALO 90.
Relieve the patients from the "stress" the risk of Barrett's Esophagus

How do you deal esophagus Barrett;

1. The HALO catheter placed at the tip of the endoscope.

2. Insert the endoscope into the esophagus of the patient.

4. The probe is connected to the source radio HALO is enabled.

5. Kykloteros destroyed the surface of the abnormal esophagus with radio waves emitted by the probe is disposable.

6. The patient after surgery the patient receives only oral fluids and the next day fed with aqueous foods. Gradually in the coming days to lead a normal diet.

7. Existing pain symptoms in the first 24 hours the patient receives just painkillers.

8. Re-evaluation of the esophagus by endoscopy done after 8 weeks.