The mouth or oral cavity or hollow of the mouth is the first part of the gastrointestinal system.
The limits of the oral cavity

The oral cavity from the front excommunicate from the lips and the alveolar barrier top reverts back to farrynga. . The upper wall of the oral cavity formed by the bone of the upper jaw and palate is required.  The palate consists of two sub-sections on hard (the front 2 / 3) and the soft palate (the back 1 / 3). The bottom wall of the oral cavity is called the territory of the mouth and is formed by geneioglossiko and gnathouoeidi muscle.  When the mouth remains closed, the mouth filled by language. The oral cavity is covered by the oral mucosa.
functions of the oral cavity
The mouth serves the following functions:

1.The chewing
2.  Swallowing
3. Taste
4. Speech
5. Breathing